Tom Fallat

Sound Sound: Owner, engineer and CEO, 1990-present. Duties include overseeing the business; conducting planning meetings; promotion; troubleshooting; engineering tracking, mastering, and remote sessions; international correspondence and telecommunications; music composition for films and dance; MIDI system use; live sound engineering, ergonomics design; writing and computer data organization, Experience with ProTools, Logic Studio, Digital Performer and Bias Peak; sound design and recording for Weiden and Kennedy, ESPN sports Network, XSI Media, Echo Age Interactive (an associate of Hyperbole), Dream Entertainment, Little Gym International, White Noise Productions, and others. Recording and live sound for music groups from the US, Canada, Pakistan, India, and Java. Rock, pop, jazz, classical, rap, industrial, and alternative styles. Heart, Will Ackerman, Bill Frisell, Robin Holcomb, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Seattle Comic Opera, and hundreds of other clients. Music and sound for directors Adam Buckner and Rustin Thompson, Microsoft video and film.

Savage Fruitarian Productions: Owner, producer, composer, performer, 1984 -present. Duties include coordination, creation and production of original recordings and live music for concert performance, dance performance, advertising productions, film and video scores; concert production and management promotion and documentation, and grant writing. Director, producer, and performer of Danses Sacree et Profane (1986), Dances of Spring (1987), Summer of Barking (1989), Neither Advancing Nor Retreating (1993), Gita Govinda (1997), and Under the Bimba Blossoms (2005). Savage Fruitarian Productions has won grant awards from the Seattle Arts Commission and the State of Washington.


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