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Sound Sound offers several location recording packages to serve a variety of needs and budgets including Direct-to-Stereo, 16-channel-to-stereo, 16-track analog, and digital stereo field recording. We also offer our services on a per-project basis. Combined with our duplication and packaging services, we can take your project from recording to finished product. Whether it's a concert, recital, nature/sound effects recording, location sound for film/video, or any other project where you need to record sound away from the studio, Sound Sound can provide the expertise and equipment you need.
Our engineers have had many years of combined experience in the arts and sciences of music, studio and location recording, live sound, and audio consulting. We can help with all phases of your project, from the initial planning to the final product.


Location Recording Facilities & Equipment:

Digital recorders: Macbook Pro 15, Digidesign 002, SMPro, M-audio Transit,Tascam DR-05, Tascam DR-08
16 channel mixing: Mackie CR1604
Outboard processing: Klark Teknik, Eventide, Rane, Aphex, Furman
Wide selection of mics: (2) DPA (B&K) 4006, (2) DPA (B&K) 4011, (2) Sennheiser 421,
(2) AudioTechnica 4051, (1) AKG C-410 headset,
(2) Shure SM-57, (4) Nakamichi CM300 (1 ea.) Electro-Voice 674 & 676 and more



Our location services are billed portal-to-portal. Our basic rate is $50./hr. Call to discuss your project's special needs and our day and block rates.

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