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For those who need original, evocative and memorable music

"Real music by real composers."

-Tom Fallat, Owner


At SOUND SOUND we have the ability to create custom music for all your projects; from ad spots, music beds and promos to industrials, feature films and multi-image & multi-media presentations. As award-winning composers, we can deliver original, evocative and memorable music on time and within budget.


Collectively we have many years of experience in a wide array of musical contexts. Our interests and activities span from rock, jazz and popular musics to classical, world musics and electronic & computer musics. We bring this experience and insight to each and every project we undertake. We're comfortable composing for full MIDI systems with special effects as well as for acoustical instruments and live voices. Offering a fresh perspective and breadth of vision, we can provide you with creative and efficient solutions to your musical needs. Our music is on the cutting edge of today's music scene, because we are also active performers.


At SOUND SOUND we believe in business with a personal touch. We are an artist-owned-and-run operation dedicated to providing the finest in innovative, high-quality production music. Let us help you balance the demands of business with the benefits of artistic creativity.


The SOUND SOUND creative/production team includes:

Tom Fallat

Owner, engineer, composer, performer; percussion, MIDI systems, keyboards; pop/rock, jazz, western classical, world musics, electronic music, improvisation, music for dance/theater/film/video and multi-media.


843 Hiawatha Place South #304

Seattle, WA 98144

Sound Sound has the finest in modern equipment to achieve the outstanding technical quality your production demands. From 24 track analog to 16 track digital, we can deliver the results you want when you want them.

Sound Sound offers over 120 in-house instruments including exotic instruments from India, Java, and Africa; a Steinway piano, drum sets, guitars, and a full MIDI system operating under computer control.

Sound Sound is capable of recording musicians from our own talent bank or guest artists you specify on multi-track or direct-to-two-track digital with state of the art expertise and sync capabilities.

Sound Sound can also capture your sound needs in the field with sixteen or more channels or even in truly remote locations with portable battery power.

Sound Sound offers related services to enhance your production: music arranging, transcription and printing, talent bank listings, original sound effects creation and sampling, our existing SFX library, Hasselblad and Leica still photography.

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