If a Sound Sounds in the Forest and There's No One There to Hear it...


Sound Sound is a great place to do your audio recording and production work in friendly and beautiful Seattle, Washington. We are owned and run by artists who know how to take care of your technical needs while making you feel at home and making sure your product reaches out and grabs people where it counts. We want to let you do what you do best and help you in those areas that need it . We know... we are artists too. We've done it ourselves.

Our Studio isn't the biggest in town, but it may be the most versatile for it's size. We know what we've got and we know what to do with it. You want to rock? we can handle it. You have an acoustic trio? we can capture your natural sound. You have an idea for an unimaginable sound? We can dream it up for you. You need to put it all together and cut out the fat, we can assemble it for you. It's that simple. We work with film and TV soundtracks, full scale symphonic midi works, timecode synchronized sound, sound effects creation, poetic works, and multimedia productions. We can not only record you in the studio but we can bring our gear to you and record your gig live, then sweeten it up back home in the studio to make you sound your best.

At Sound Sound we are not only artists and engineers, but we can produce you and create your final product for you, including graphics, logos, photography, packaging and duplication. We'll help you plan your project and get it done on your schedule for a reasonable cost. We'll educate you too with our educational seminars offered from time to time about the mysterious world of audio recording.

Our award winning staff composers can create original music for your film, video, advertising, and live performance production needs. We love this work and you may love it too. Ask for our brochure on production services. And our list of over 125 in-studio musical instruments

Sound Sound is here to bring state of the art production, including multi-track digital editing, to your art; to serve your needs and bring your sound in front of the ears of the world. It's not free, but we do it as cheaply as we can because we want you to be able to afford it. You do get what you pay for.

Give us a call to discuss your project , ask questions, find out about rates and time estimates, or to see our studio. We care, we are experienced, and we have the equipment. Make the projects you have been thinking of become all they can be. We're listening!


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